(Video) Physical 100: Female bodybuilder gets pitted against Male MMA star

The intense South Korean reality show Physical: 100 delivered an electrifying match-up when a jacked female bodybuilder took on a skilled male MMA star in hand-to-hand combat. The show features 100 physically elite contestants competing in grueling challenges for a huge cash prize.

In episode 3 of the hit series’ first season, bodybuilder Kim Cun-ri squared off against MMA athlete Park Hyun-geung in a game where they had to wrestle for possession of a ball. Despite a massive disparity in combat skills, Kim used her incredible strength to put up a fierce fight against Park.

The two titans quickly dispensed with the ball and opted instead for an all-out grappling duel – a sheer test of Kim’s muscular might against Park’s technical mastery. Kim overpowered her opponent at times with slams and sheer force, while the more experienced Park utilized slick MMA grappling to gain positional dominance.

As the intense battle raged on, Kim eventually fatigued from her Herculean efforts. Park seized the opportunity to gain control of the ball and ultimately claim victory. However, Kim remained proud of her gutsy performance against such a formidable foe.

“The applause made me think I lost but in a grand manner, so I felt good about that. It made me think, ‘I guess I endured pretty well,'” Kim remarked after the epic clash.

While she came up short, the bodybuilder’s ability to trade blows with a male combat sports professional showcased her world-class physical abilities. The dramatic inter-gender duel encapsulated the spirit of Physical: 100’s celebration of elite human specimens.