(Video) Combat Sambo allows headbutts as a legal strike with devastating results

A clip of combat sambo matches recently went viral on social media. An athlete finished his opponent with a brutal headbutt.

In most full contact combat sports, headbutt is usually not allowed. This is mainly due to ensure safety among the athletes, as headbutts cause severe injuries such as cuts, concussions, and brain trauma. Another reason is to ensure fairness, because some people

However, this isn’t the case for combat sambo. Combat sambo is a variant of Russian grappling martial art known as sambo. There are many variants of sambo, such as combat sambo, sport sambo, and freestyle sambo. They all are pretty similar with several differences in rules. Combat sambo is a more gruesome and intense one as the rules are pretty loose.

Combat sambo originally used and developed for the military and is designed for real-life combat situations. Due to that, the sport allowed striking. Not just that. The rules are also quite loose. They allow many forms of striking, including punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and even groin strikes and head butts. This makes the sport such a pure form of free brawling.

Due to the many forms of strikes allowed, the sport automatically becomes more intense and gruesome. It also opens more techniques available to use by the athletes and a wide range of strategies to deal with it, making it even more complex and exciting.

As for headbutt, it is actually used pretty often in combat sambo matches. The athletes tend to use them during a grappling exchange while they are on their feet. They use it as a surprise attack or even use it to turn the tide to make their opponent lose balance. But, most of the time, the impact is hard enough to instantly drop and finish the opponent.

Several clips of combat sambo matches went viral on social media. The clip showed highlights from various matches, showing the intensity of the sport. One of the clips showed an athlete quickly finishing his opponent with a quick knee and headbutt combo.

Many people might be wondering why such a dangerous thing is allowed. But, combat sambo matches require the athletes to wear a lot of protective gear, including a headgear. It can give the athlete a protection to a certain degree, but also making sure that headbutt can still be effective.