Darrick Minner vs Nuerdanbieke event under investigation after suspicious betting line movement

One of the biggest headlines this past weekend concerned a possible leak from Minner’s camp regarding the state of his knee.

Right before Darrick Minner hurt himself and lost by first-round TKO, the odds for UFC Vegas 64 event featuring him against Shayilan Nuerdanbieke saw a drastic drop.

Sportsbooks got suspicious and called U.S. Integrity. It is a company located in Las Vegas that collaborates with state gaming regulators and sportsbooks to keep an eye on the betting industry. The company, which lacks enforcement power, has alerted the regulators to the unusual line movement.

This comes after the UFC outlawed athletes, their coaches and close relatives from betting on bouts  due to “insider knowledge.”

UFC veteran James Krause is Darrick Minner’s coach. The 36-year-old runs a Discord channel where he offers betting advice in addition to hosting the podcast The 1% Club.

This is known as a betting tout. A sports betting tout is an individual (handicapper) who sells picks often in exchange for an up-front payment.

He previously bragged about making more money from betting than from being a coach in UFC:

“I don’t make s—t on coaching,” he laughed. “Absolutely not. I mean, if you’re talking about time, if I go out on a Wednesday to a Sunday and make 10 percent off a guy …”

“if we’re not talking about Brandon Moreno, most of my guys are entry-level guys making 12/12 (to show/to win), 14/14. I have some guys making in the 20s but even at that, you get 10 percent of 20,000, it’s 2,000 and I’m on the road every weekend Wednesday to Sunday. It just doesn’t — no. It’s not even close.”

While the UFC did institute a ban on wagering for individuals with insider knowledge it’s unknown how they plan to enforce it.