Sean Strickland challenges Navy seals to train MMA, gets an instant response

There’s been a lot of harsh words from Sean Strickland as of late. The controversial hater went in on everything going so far as to condemn American culture for softening the younger generations to a fault. This perhaps inspired him to make a unique challenge directed at the Navy seals.

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland called out Navy SEALs to train with him for a week.

Controversial UFC athlete Sean Strickland is known for bold claims and random accusations on his social media. This behavior resulted in his accounts getting banned or suspended multiple times. The 31-year-old just keeps making new ones.

Strickland challenged Navy Seals because he kept seeing videos showing how hard Navy SEALs training is and people said that only a few competent people can undergo it.

He uploaded a video of himself to his social media and expressed how tired he is with those claims that he felt a bit exaggerated. He then challenged Navy SEALs to train MMA with him for a week to show them the real hard training.

“Anyways, I’m driving. Not looking at the f*cking road and watching way too much Youtube. And I always see like Youtube things ‘Can you survive a week of Navy SEAL training?’. And I would like to offer the same. Because I don’t think there is one f*cking Navy SEAL who could survive a week training with me. I’m kind of sick of seeing it. You guys think it’s bad*ss. Now train with me for a week. I’ll show you what’s up. I’ll f*cking break you.” Strickland.

Aside from his toxic behavior, Strickland is also known for his wild personality and often goes too far in sparring. He made headlines a while back after going overboard during a grappling training session.

Following his callout video, former Navy SEAL and MMA athlete Mitch Aguiar responded by posting a video saying,

“You must be trying to get this account deleted for misinformation, saying that no Navy SEAL could survive a week of training with you. Looks like I’m going to leave the old violent hippie academy and make my way out to Vegas for a fact check. I’ll see you soon champ.”

It didn’t take long for Strickland to respond back. Unfortunately, Strickland chickened out and immediately deleted his first video.

“I’m on my way to Vegas. I deleted that (video) because the handy guy, he is a solid guy. I don’t even want to hit that man. Mitch, you’re the f*cking one.” Strickland said.

Mitch Aguiar mostly competed in amateur bouts and only had three matches in his professional career with a score consisting of 2 wins and 1 loss. His latest match was back in 2020.

Meanwhile, had a good run with a 6 win streak in the UFC and climbing the top rank until Alex Pereira knocked him out back in July. After failing to secure his title shot, he is now set to face former title challenger Jared Cannonier. The pair is set to headline a UFC on ESPN event on December 17.