LAPD officer dies after suffering catastrophic spinal injury during grappling training

A police officer tragically lost his life as a result of a training accident.

The accident took place at the LAPD Elysian Park Academy on Thursday. Houston Tipping was 32 years old at the time of the incident. He served as a bike instructor in the Devonshire area.

Tipping was grappling with another officer at the time the accident happened according to abc7.

Tipping is said to have dropped to the floor and suffered a “catastrophic spinal injury,” officials said.

Officers immediately began CPR until Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics arrived and transported him to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, Moore said, but Tipping succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

Earlier last year an Irish MMA fighter Ian Coughlan suffered an injury in training that rendered him unable to use his legs. While accidents do happen in grappling – death is an extremely rare as a repercussion.

In a statement, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said:

“The Department is fully investigating the accident in an effort to identify if any additional measures can be taken to ensure such a tragedy is avoided in the future…We grieve this tragic loss. I am proud of Officer Tipping’s training classmates that immediately sprang into action, initiating CPR and other life saving measures as well as the work of the L.A. Fire Department.

“I’m also grateful for Dr. Kenji Inaba and the incredible medical staff at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center for doing everything they could to save him.”