(Video) UFC Dad goes wild cornering son

Any time there’s a loved one cornering someone there’s a potential for infamy. While the dramatic scenes are usually sequestered to the little leagues and wrestling tournaments this next example showcased that that type of parent doesn’t simply change because their kid is now an adult.

Recently a video of a dad going wild in his sons’s corner started circulating online. The enthusiastic dad is a parent of MMA pro Devin Clark. Clark’s dad David went a little overboard ahead of round three of his UFC bout against Azamat Murzakanov.

Devin Clark and Azamat Murzakanov faced each other at UFC San Diego.

The clip that surfaced online was shot between rounds 2 and 3. According to the corner Devin Clark was estimated to have been 0-2 at that time.

His dad could be heard cheering for him maniacally and continuously saying, “you gotta f**king fight him.”


Unbeknownst to his dad, Clark would go on to be pep talked into getting knocked out in round 3 by a stunning body shot from Murzakanov, and he never got back up. Referee Frank Trigg stopped the bout seeing Clark’s inability to recover.


With the victory, Murzakanov improved to 12-0 in his professional career.

The footage had fans belly laughing with one of them sharing online:

“My girlfriend and I have been quoting this clip to each other randomly since Saturday and it’s still hilarious over 48 hours later..”

It was not the first time Devin Clark was cornered by his dad.

After another event Devin Clark addressed his father’s presence:
“I think everybody needs – and this is with all love – a crazy-a*s dude who’s ready to go on a dime. That’s what my dad brings. That’s why he’s always with me. I know he’s got my back and he’s ready at all times.”

David Clark doesn’t have an MMA background and is simply there as a fan.

“This is more than just a competition. Sometimes I get caught up in my mind that it’s just a competition. ”

“It’s blood, sweat, and tears. He helps me bring that to the table.”