Brendan Schaub Caught Redhanded – Plagiarizes Luke Thomas

Brendan Schaub is not having a great day. Following some ambiguous comments MMA’s Journalist of the Award recipient Ariel Helwani shined a light on some unsavory Schaub behaviors – there are accusations of duplicitous behavior, plagiarism, bribing guests and even what sounds like him making the guests go on his show in order to book Joe Rogan’s Podcast.

Helwani’s scorching Q&A included this segment:
“I never uttered your name. I never said a word about you. You’re the one who keeps talking about us. You’re the one who keeps sitting there looking at the websites when your boy pulls them up and talking about us.

And then you steal our ideas and our contents. You do it to Luke (Thomas), you do it to Brian (Campbell), you do it to me, you do it to everyone. You steal our ideas and you sit there and you pass them off as your own and you even botch it when you do it. You botch it when you do it every single time. You sit there and you rip off our ideas. It’s plagiarism 101, except you’re not writing anything, you’re saying it and it’s harder to catch that way. But trust me we’re all on to you.”

And it seems like the fans are ready to offer receipts. Just take a look at this clip:

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