Rodolfo Vieira cleared to train after potential career-ending brain clot – UFC wouldn’t pay for medical tests

Rodolfo Vieira has been through some tough times recently.

The BJJ world champion and UFC middleweight had to pull out of his fight against Wellington Turman at UFC 270 in January due to an undisclosed issue with Vieira’s most recent MRI scan.

At the time it was revealed that the scan revealed a possible congenital disorder in Vieira’s brain. Later the fighter had to undergo a cerebral angiography to confirm a possible career-ending disease.

On his Instagram, the Brazilian shared information about his issues:

“So, guys, I received the news that I had a bad congenital formation in my brain,” Rodolfo shared. “An obstruction of a vein in my brain, actually.”

“I was expecting it to be nothing because I never suffered any side effects like headaches or dizziness… nothing.”

“I was told I wasn’t gonna be able to fight [at UFC 270] as soon as the weight cut started on Thursday.”

“I got sad when the fight was canceled, but what really got me was knowing that my career could be over, that to me was heartbreaking, it destroyed me.”

“The doctors then told me that I needed to schedule an angiography, which I had to pay from my own pocket in order to not wait for months on end due to the insurance being slow.”

Fortunately for Vieira and his fans, results came back from the angiography and good news followed.

“I was already expecting the worse,” Vieira told his Instagram audience. “I’m just waiting in my room for the doctor to come to tell me what I really have and if I’ll be able to continue fighting MMA.”

“This is without a doubt the toughest day of my life. Whatever it is, I trust God and I know He will do what’s best for my life, as He’s always done.”

“Then the doctor entered the hospital room and told me that it wasn’t as serious as he was expecting.”

“The doctor told me that I was gonna be able to continue fighting, and man, that was such a relief!”

The UFC Middleweight then was notified that he could be back at training in two weeks, and the fighter is already thinking about getting back in the Octagon.

“I want to be back at training and I want to already schedule a fight,” the Brazilian said. “I’ll ask the UFC to book me a fight for maybe June or July.”

Everyone is happy that Rodolfo will be allowed to continue his MMA career. The Brazilian who is 8-1 in his career is one of the most promising prospects in the middleweight division.