Racist cornerman Tony Kelley Offers non apology: “Nothing Against Brazilians… I Dislike Everyone Equally”

UFC bantamweight contender Tony Kelley previously made headlines following his harsh comments about Brazil while cornering Andrea Lee. Kelley recently justified his comments and offered an apology.

Tony Kelley found himself under scrutiny for dating Andrea Lee – because her ex husband and coach was previously questioned on highly problematic tattoos.

Last month Tony Kelley upset MMA pros and fans at home following these comments:

“That’s what they’re going to do – they’re dirty f*cking Brazilians.” Kelley said

Recently, Toney Kelley had an interview with Cageside Press. The 35-year-old clarified what he said about Brazilians. Kelley apologized for his comments but didn’t deny that he hates Brazilians. In fact, he hates everyone equally.

“I have nothing against Brazilians, I have nothing against anyone. Actually, I dislike everyone equally, I’ll put it that way. So I think pretty much I’ve answered all that, much love to my Brazilian fans and friends. If you don’t like what I said, I don’t know what to tell you on that, sorry. Sorry if you got your feelings hurt.” Kelley said.

Kelley also added that he didn’t blame cancel culture and was just focusing on his job as cornerman. Due to that he paid less attention to his choice of words.

“I feel like I’ve already answered all of that, on my response on Twitter but I guess people aren’t very satisfied with that response. People feel like I’m blaming cancel culture or whatever. No, I’m just, ultimately, I’m talking sh*t about cancel culture because my job is to relay information in a corner and I’m really not focused on if I offend somebody or not. That’s the last thing on my mind.” Kelley said.

Previously on Twitter, Kelley already clarified his comments. He condemns anyone who accused him of being a racist and said that he was only referring to a dirty eye poke.

“Cancel Culture is real. What I said was real and in the heat of battle, and in no way had any type of racist connotations meant…but if that’s the way you take it, idgaf. So many people are quick to say racist..that shits getting so old. My reference was to a dirty eye poke.” Kelley wrote on Twitter.

Toney Kelley has gone 2-1 since joining the UFC in August 2020. He is now slated to face  Adrian Yanez this Friday at UFC on ESPN 37.