Tony Kelley’s Next UFC opponent Adrian Yanez Rejects “Cancel Culture” excuse for racist cornering

One of the strangest things to come out of a recent fight night was the defeat of Andrea Lee after some racy cornering.

Lee has a history of dating men with similar issues and Kelley seems no different.

Kelley was cornering her against Viviane Araujo and losing – when Lee suggested she was getting eye poked.

  “That’s what they’re gonna do. They’re dirty f*ckin’ Brazilians.” Kelley responded.

His response was soon blasted on twitter by many fellow fighters.

Kelley who is a UFC fighter himself soon started defending himself by blaming it on cancel culture.

Kelley next has a fight date with Adrian Yanez – who condemned his response to the backlash. In an interview with sportskeeda he revealed:
“Yeah, and you know what? Like, his response was kind of just like, ‘I don’t know.’ I honestly was just like, ‘Bro, all you had to do is just apologize.’ Like that’s all you really had to do,” said Yanez. “You didn’t have to go out there and [be] like, ‘Oh, cancel culture.’ Like, bro, honestly, us fighters, we’re not big enough to be canceled, so it’s like, it’s not really cancel culture.

“It’s just (that) you offended a whole bunch of people from Brazil, and now you’re getting the backlash from it,” added Yanez. “It’s not cancel culture, there’s a lot of people that just didn’t like what you said, responding to you.”

“His response could have just been, ‘Hey man, in the heat of the moment I just wasn’t even thinking straight, I’m sorry, I’m completely sorry,’” suggested Yanez. “But except he just kind of just put the blame, so (instead) of being like, ‘Hey, you know, I apologize,’ (he) just went, ‘No, f**k you, it’s cancel culture.’