Jake Paul’s opponent wants to slap Dana White for his comments

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, non? Not according to Hasim Rahman Jr.

Rahman Jr. took umbrage to Dana White’s comments regarding his skills and has opted to reply in kind. Rahman Jr has claimed he would “destroy” any of the UFC’s top heavyweights subsequently.

Rahman Jr. is a late day replacement for Tyson Fury’s younger brother Tommy.

Dana White was recently asked about Paul’s boxing woes during UFC Long Island presser:

“I saw he just got knocked out by Tommy Morrison’s son.”

“He just got knocked out. Why wouldn’t you go after the guy that knocked him out?”
White went on to say that Jake Paul’s PPV power is quickly veining.

“Is this still a thing? It isn’t to me. I couldn’t care less. He’s a pay-per-view turd.”

“First of all I wasn’t knocked out, I was stopped,” Rahman Jr told DAZN Boxing when responding to White’s criticism. “I got stopped and Dana White could put anyone in there with me, Francis Ngannou and if you put them in there with me I will destroy them. He knows that and he is not going to put any of his fighters in there, so I won’t put much weight on what he says. I’d even get in the cage with these guys too.

“He doesn’t want his fighters taking on boxers anyway. However Dana White wants to do it we can do it. He doesn’t even know me and he is speaking on me but Dana White will get slapped in his mouth if he comes and talks crazy to me.

“We do this you have to respect warriors and others in the sport, I respect his guys over there and he would never talk like that to my face. When I see him he would be like ‘nice to meet you champ’ and I am glad Jake has been exposing how fake he is in the combat sports world.”