Dana White talks how war on streamers may have compromised his safety at one point

UFC president Dana White mad it known in January of 2021 that fighting unauthorized distribution of UFC events will be a priority. The 52-year-old has tried many things to prevent people from skirting the rules when it comes to watching PPV events.

Back then, he also threatened the streamers on social media and said he had a ‘surprise’ for them, which didn’t work well as he got mocked mercilessly instead.

Those aren’t the only attempts that backfired. There was one case where he felt his life was put in danger. He revealed that he once received a threat for shutting down a bar that featured an unauthorized stream of UFC fights.

Dana White appeared explained to Logan Paul on his podcast Impaulsive:

“This is a true story. Memphis Tennessee, we were doing, looking for a fight, we were doing this wrestling thing and apparently a guy on that street, I put his bar out of business, and they were threatened that if I walked out, they were going to shoot me. Yeah, if I walked out and did this f*cking skit we were going to do for looking for a fight, they were going to shoot me.” White said.

When being asked about how he deals with streams, White he has always been persistent and even prosecuted people.

“’ It’s a different story when you f****** get caught. We caught a lot of people and prosecuted people for it. It’s a whole another f****** ball game. That guy’s calling me up, crying, begging me not to do it.” White said.