Nate Diaz, Jake Paul react to Dana White’s comments saying that them boxing ‘makes sense’

On Tuesday, Dana White responded to Diaz’s latest tweet in which he requested to be dismissed from the promotion and hinted at a possible boxing match with Paul.

In a new social media post on Monday, Diaz had demanded that the UFC either sign him for the last bout of his contract or release him. This time, Diaz did it while hinting at his desire to face Jake Paul in a lucrative boxing battle.

White agreed with Diaz’s Tuesday remarks that the Paul clash would be a good chance for Diaz’s career. The UFC president also seemed to imply that Diaz’s tenure with the organization would soon be coming to an end.

“I mean, I like Nate. Let’s be honest, Nate’s won one fight in the last five or six years,” White told TheMacLife.

“You know? When these guys get into these positions, you’ve got guys that have been with us for a long time, that we respect, that we care about.”

“So listen, we’re trying to do the best we can. We’re trying not to s*** on anybody and disrespect anybody, but it’s not like we’re talking about Kamaru Usman here. We’re talking about Nate Diaz.”

“Nate’s won one fight in five years, so we’re trying to figure this thing out with him. He probably should go on and fight Jake Paul. That’s a fight that makes sense.”

Over the previous several years, Diaz and Paul have swapped insults many times. Paul openly urged a “big fight” between the two this past December.

A little while later, Diaz and Paul responded to White’s remarks on social media.

Diaz tweeted: “Send the release.”

Jake, on the other hand, tweeted:

“Dana – I’m happy to be Nate’s last fight in UFC. You know the terms: pay fighters more and give them healthcare.

Sweetener: I will fight for free.”

Diaz has more experience than Paul and is most recognized for his grappling abilities. Paul, in contrast, has mostly faced boxers who were making their professional debuts. Fans would definitely enjoy witnessing Diaz fight Paul in the ring.