Hafthor Bjornsson wants to box Martyn Ford – or Mariusz Pudzianowski

Hafthor Bjornsson made waves earlier this year when he defeated friend turned longtime rival Eddie Hall in a boxing exhibition in Dubai. The Strongman squared off and kept going all through regular time. Ultimately Bjornsson was declared the victor, having knocked down Hall twice.

Martyn Ford is a long time friend of Hall’s and quickly pivoted to campaigning to box Bjornsson. Bjornsson has some experience in the ring, having won bouts against arm wrestler Devon Larratt and Eddie Hall. Hafþór’s also did two exhibitions that went to a draw – including one against ex-WBO European light-heavyweight champion Steven Ward in January 2021.

So Bjornsson has made it clear – he would be coming into Martyn Ford match as a favorite. Bjornsson is also reluctant to be the first opponent Ford ever faces in the boxing ring.

Bjornsson said: “In my opinion, Martyn Ford or Mariusz Pudzianowski make the most sense. I read somewhere that Pudzianowski only wants to do MMA, he’s been fighting now for more than a decade and is a lot more experienced than me, so he shouldn’t have an issue boxing a man like myself.”

“Thor has been very edgy the last two days,” Ford told iFL TV in an interview ahead of the grudge match. “Like I said before this fight, I was like, I think Thor is too soft. I think he has just not got that (signalling energy).”

Considering Ford now has new management behind him it will certainly be interesting to see if he steps up to box the much younger (33) Bjornsson.

But Bjornsson has another option. He pre agreed to rematch Eddie Hall if he were to get a tattoo of his name in addition to donating money to chairty. 

“I think the right way to do this is for Eddie to have some fights and for me to have some fights.”

“If we both win our fights we can build some more hype for a future fight.”

“I would love that maybe in a year or two years me and Eddie can fight again.”

“But fighting right now again I don’t think is the right choice, I think fighting in a year or two is something that can be more exciting.”