Brendan Schaub slams Dana White for statement on Sterling Yan scoring

MMA anlyst Brendan Schaub continued his feud with UFC president Dana White despite previously claiming that the feud was over. Schaub previously implied Dana White had backed Joe Rogan during controversies and claimed he now liked White.


But Schaub seems to be back to his old ways. This time the podcast host slammed White for saying that the judges blew the scorecard on Sterling vs Yan 2.

Many UFC fans were displeased at UFC 273 last weekend when the underdog champion Aljamain Sterling was announced as the victor via a split decision.  The UFC president Dana White also weighed in on this matter and sided with Petr Yan. White said he felt  that the judges made a mistake.

“I thought the judges blew that one. I had it 3-2 [for Yan]. I don’t know how you guys scored it. It’s all in however you score that first round. That fight will be there, Petr Yan is one of the baddest dudes in that division, [but] you probably do the T.J. fight.” White said.

“So, Aljamain won the first round, completely dominated the second round, completely dominated the third round, definitely lost the fourth round, [and the fifth] round was close but I’ll give it to Yan. That’s three out of five, that would make him [Sterling] world champion.” Schaub said on his Youtube channel.

He also slammed Dana White for doubting the judges. Schaub believes White’s statement was inappropriate. The act could impact Sterling’s career in the UFC as many people would question his legitimacy as the champion even more.

“But when you are the president of the UFC you have a responsibility. So when you say the judges got it wrong on that one, well now you have f***ed Aljamain Sterling over.” Schaub added.

Schaub has a long and storied history of beefing with White. White didn’t take too kindly to advice Schaub was giving the athletes publicly and had called him out. In the fall out, Schaub went on to imply White had had a romantic relationship with Ronda Rousey (whom Schaub dated for a while during her hayday).