Brendan Schaub Implies Dana White Backed Joe Rogan Against Disney

Former UFC heavyweight fighter and current podcast host Brendan Schaub hinted that there are more things going on behind Joe Rogan’s absence at UFC 271.

The UFC color commentator Joe Rogan made headlines after several controversial podcast episodes featured unsubstantiated claims surrounding COVID-19. Once he addressed the controversy, a video compilation of him saying a racial slur repeatedly emerged online.

Even after all that – the UFC was still planning to feature him as one of the commentators for UFC 271. However they announced late that Rogan won’t be participating that night. The UFC stated that the cancellation was because of a scheduling conflict and Michael Bisping was chosen to replace Joe Rogan for that event.

Brendan Schaub said that there is an interesting story behind this that isn’t  public yet.

“Do I know exactly what happened? Sure do. Is it my story to tell? Nope. But when it comes out, you’re gonna love Joe Rogan even more from missing that one, I’ll say that.” Schaub said.

He also hinted that the UFC president Dana White has a big role in this story. Brendan Schaub, who had some beef with Dana White in the past, admitted that he likes him now and respects the UFC president. Schaub even promised to not trash talk Dana White again.

“But you’ll also love Dana White even more. I will never ever talk sh*t to Dana White ever again. After hearing him going to bat for his guys, he’s just a real one. He’s a real one. He might not like me, but I like him. That’s how it goes.” Schaub said.

Judging from what Schaub said – it’s more than likely that ESPN and its overlord Disney had qualms about Rogan’s place on the broadcast. It also appears like White had backed Rogan. This is certainly interesting considering how White is more of a figure head nowadays and majority of the business is handled by UFC CFO attorney Hunter Campbell.

Meanwhile Joe Rogan announced The Scared Clown tour with tour dates in Florida and Colorado.