Boxing champion busts up Twitter troll who challenged him online

IBF flyweight world champion Sunny Edwards disciplined a “Twitter troll” who traveled from London to his Sheffield gym to resolve their online conflict. After spending a day on social media promoting the unorthodox boxing bout, amateur boxer Fab Tanga paid £110 to travel 200 miles by train for the match.

However, Tanga was unable to live up to his expectations. He was forced to withdraw from the impromptu fight in the second round due to weariness after Edwards, who hails from a renowned boxing family, beat him.

Tanga uploaded a picture of the Steel City’s Edwards gym when he arrived in Yorkshire. After receiving this message, Sunny Edwards decided to travel to the gym with his two young children in the back seat.

Edwards said: ‘I’m on the way right now, don’t go anywhere you little f***ing helmet.’ He said in a video that was shared on Twitter when he was on his way to the gym.

Tanga was reluctant to box in front of kids at first. However, video from the live broadcast showed Edwards hitting the novice Tanga with early headshots.

Even after starting a second round, Tanga was knocked into the ropes by a right hand from Edwards. He eventually stopped due to weariness from the unexpected bout.

When Tanga first began communicating with Sunny Edwards about the potential Yorkshire match-up, he wrote:

“I promise, Sunny Edwards, I promise on my life that if you are not going to answer, Tomorrow morning I will be in front of your gym between 11 and 12.”

“If you let me spend the money I use to eat and you will not there, I will walk all Sheffield screaming that you are a coward. For the little I know about Sunny Edwards, I and him we don’t give a s*** of what you think, we want just fi ght.”

“Probably we will not sleep tonight, probably tomorrow morning our adrenaline can turn on the light of the whole UK. He is a warrior, he will be there, we will fi ght as warriors.”

Although he was undoubtedly on the losing side inside the ring , it is not yet obvious if he has come to regret starting this particular bout. Since the argument, the two have tweeted kind things about one another, perhaps indicating an end to their protracted argument.

Edwards said: ‘He defo won my respect’.

On the other hand, Tanga tweeted: ‘You demonstrated to me that in UK there are at least one SUPER CHAMPION’.

After his brother Charlie, the now 18-0 boxer became the second member of his family to win a flyweight world championship. Sunny Edwards currently holds the IBF gold after most recently defeating Muhammad Waseem in March.