Neil Young Backs out of Rogan Beef- Music Back On Spotify

Neil Young raised a lot of hell for Spotify ahead of the annual earnings call last month. The rock legend withdrew his music from Spotify in light of Joe Rogan Experience featuring two controversial scientists on the podcast – Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter Mccullough.

At least that’s what it looked like. Later it was revealed that Neil Young had actually sold his catalogue to a hedge fund. Political analyst Saagar Enjeti revealed on his show Breaking Points:

How much of this is actually Neil Young, how much of this is big money interests behind the scenes?

” But something I immediately suspicious of when it came to Neil Young was this, how much of this is actually Neil Young, how much of this is big money interests behind the scenes? The thing is, I’ve seen a lot of high profile cancellation efforts in my time, and in almost every single case, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes, the people speaking out, maybe doing so organically. But it also happens to just coincide with the financial or oligarchic interests of some very, very rich people. “

“Young actually sold his catalogue in January of 2021, to a company called Hypnosis. Now hypnosis is a $1 billion company, which recently announced ownership agreement with Blackstone, while Blackstone I know a lot about that company. You may recall their efforts that I’ve put here on the show to turn America into a nation of renter’s and take over single family housing as I covered on many monologues, but they have interests everywhere. See my interest here is perked. Blackstone, BlackRock and these big private equity giants are ruthless in their pursuit of profit. And they’re savvy political players who know how to play the game. They have all sorts of ties to the pharmaceutical industry, including as I just showed you, announcing the CEO of Pfizer joining them as a senior advisor. “

But this week Neil Young’s music made a quiet return to Spotify. News was broken by Fox Business.

Reps for Young, as well as Spotify, didn’t immediately respond to FOX Business’ request for comment. A spokesperson from Warner Bros. Records told FOX Business “no comment or statement.”

Young’s entire catalog list isn’t available yet on Spotify, but many of his songs featured on other soundtracks are.

According to Young’s Spotify homepage prior to the removal, he had more than six million monthly listeners.