(Video) Woman crushed to death by barbell at Mexico City gym

Gym safety regulations and protocols are mandated to be obeyed at all times. If not, a deadly accident might happen, just like this one.

A disturbing footage went viral on social media recently as a surveillance video from a gym in Mexico City showed a woman dropped a 400-pound barbell on her neck before being eventually declared dead at the scene.

The 42-year old–whose name has not been released–was attempting to do a lift with a 400-pound (approximately 181.5 kg) barbell in front of her daughter and a man that appeared to be a trainer in Fitness Sport gym in Peralvillo, Cuauhtemocarea, Mexico City on Monday before the freak accident happens.

The woman was visibly unable to lift the enormous weight with her body frame, but it’s still unclear about who permitted her to do so, especially without proper equipment and supervision.

The short footage shows the woman was having a good start as she was able to maintain the lift for about four seconds before suddenly losing control and fell with the bar of the huge barbell–with at least four weighted plates on each end–slammed her neck and pinning her down against the bench.

Other gymgoers subsequently race to her side and tried to lift the weights off her–which need several people to remove–while the man beside her turns her to the side for a check but eventually steps away quickly as he noticed that she starts to bleed from the head area.

When the paramedics from the Red Cross arrived, they found no vital signs and declared her dead at the scene. The traumatized daughter of the victim is believed to be receiving psychological care following the tragic accident.

The owner of the gym was reportedly briefly arrested in order to authenticate the victim’s identity and The Mexico City office of the Attorney General is still investigating the accident.