When NELK boys tried to get Khabib to admit he would lose to Chimaev

The Nelk Boys are nowadays infamous for the role they played in Masvida’/Covington courtcase and the lavish gifts one of them received from Dana White but they once tried to trick Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Like many other aces, Nurmagomedov was a guest on the Full send podcast. After to Joe Rogan Experience and Impaulsive, Full send is usually topping the podcast charts.

Nurmagomedov’s no nonsense personality provided for an interesting show.

‘The Eagle’ retired from mixed martial arts in 2020 with a clean score of 29-0 and having only lost two rounds in the UFC. In his latest matches, he competed against top-ranked UFC lightweights such as Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, and Justin Gaethje.

That is until a slight provocation.

“Do you think he (Khamzat Chimaev) would match up well against you?” One of the Nelk Boys asked.

Unfortunately, Khabib was quick to shut down this line of questioning.

The 33-year-old simply said

“He’s welterweight. I never fight in welterweight. Oh, he fights in middleweight too. There is like a lot of challenge, you know? Like, even right now Charles Oliveira he’s very good too.”

“There is always going to be some champions. With me or without me. But who cares? I’m finished now.” Khabib said.

Chimaev was born in Chechenya – another former Soviet republic and shares a lot of similar attributes to Khabib except his grim expression and cavalier attitude. Both are phenomenal grapplers, but Chimaev seems determined to be somewhat of a showman prompting the fans to dub him “Evil Khabib”.

Chimaev is currently a hype train with his latest opponent being welterweight top contender Gilbert Burns at UFC 273 in April. Burns was Chimaev’s first top 5 contender and he suffered heavy blows for the first time in the UFC.

This became a big point of contention with the Khabib camp due to the fact that many loyal Khabib fans point out that he’s never been cut and beadly battered during a UFC contest in his entire career.

In his 4 previous , ‘Borz’ defeated his opponents easily without suffering almost any significant strikes. But that would all change with Burns who cut a sizable chunk out of Chimaev’s cheek and even wobbled him couple times.  With this victory, Chimaev remained undefeated with a total score of 11-0.

However, many fans would find his next opponent to be ridiculous. Chimaev will be facing non-ranked Nate Diaz who is looking to finish out his contract. The pair will headline UFC 279 in September. For Chimaev this will be just an interlude that prolongs his title shot.