(Video) Klein lands insane ‘Karate Kid’ jumping straight front kick to the face

UFC lightweight Ludovit Klein surely enjoyed his recent outing a bit too much. The Slovakian pulled a ‘Karate Kid’ move by doing a jump kick that landed right on his opponent’s face.


One moment caught MMA fans’ attention during the first round of their match. Klein pulled a move straight out of the legendary movie ‘Karate Kid’. With just 30 seconds left in the first round, Klein jumped and quickly unleashed a left kick that connected on Jones’ face. The kick looks very similar to Daniel LaRusso’s signature crane kick from 1984’s Karate Kid.

However, the kick wasn’t enough to bring Jones down. Jones was blown away for a bit but managed to maintain balance and was back to position. If he manages to knockout Jones with that move, it will be one of the rarest knockouts in history. So far, there have only been 6 knockouts by this move, with one of them being performed by UFC legend Anderson Silva.

Even though Klein failed to get the knockout, his hand was still raised at the end of the match. After going at it for three rounds, he was announced as the winner via unanimous decision with all the judges scoring 30-27 in favor of Klein.

Ludovit Klein was featured on the preliminary card at UFC London last weekend. The 27-year-old faced former Cage Warriors champion Mason Jones for three rounds. Klein got the better of Jones and won the bout via unanimous decision.

The bout started pretty intensely with several shots thrown at each other. Jones was able to control the distance. However, Klein got his rhythm and landed more significant strikes at Jones. In the second round, Klein gained almost full control of the bout. He managed to knock Jones down. However, Jones survived until the third round.

Ludovit Klein joined the UFC 2020 with a total professional score consisting of 16 wins and 2 losses. With the recent outing, Klein has gone 3-2 within the UFC.