Conor McGregor coach calls out Cage Warriors for banning SBG insignia – yet promoting McGregor’s past reign in the promotion

John Kavanagh’s seen better days. Kavanagh rose into prominence thanks to the success Conor McGregor has had in the octagon. Nowadays many believe that Kavanagh is actually a stumblig block preventing McGregor from getting back on top.

But McGregor’s loyalty isn’t wavering – this is why he recently gifted Kavanagh a $30,000 truck.

Kavanagh has long been the head coach of Straight Blast Gym in Ireland.

Prior to McGregor’s worldwide stardom – he was a champion in a European promotion Cage Warriors.

Cage Warriors are owned by Paddy Pimblett’s manager Graham Boylan. Boylan had gone through a lot of different stages prior to Cage Warriors inking an agreement with UFC Fight Pass and guaranteed paydays. In fact, Ariel Helwani even accused Boylan of shorting Paddy Pimblett in contract negotiations thanks to the lucrative Cage Warriors deal Boylan got on the side with the UFC.

Fast forward to present day, as per Kavanagh, SBG insignia is banned at Cage Warriors.

“I’m confused 😕 last week my fighter was told if he wanted to continue fighting for @CageWarriors he’d have to remove @SBG_Ireland
logo from shorts as I guess SBG banned from CW? Now you’re promoting an SBG fighter. Does it depend on number of followers? ”

McGregor is undoubtedly the biggest star to come out of Cage Warriors with Paddy Pimblett being a close second – of course Paddy has yet to reach the heights of the UFC and match his social media stardom with his fighting prowess.

This is not the first time Kavanagh was online beefing with Boylan.



And here we see another interaction that might explain just why Cage Warriors has a bone to pick with Kavanagh