(Video) Boxers Taylor and Catterall separated by security trying to brawl in audience

Boxing rivals Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall were involved in an altercation during the Liam vs Smith boxing match. They were about to brawl but got separated by the security guards.

Josh Taylor unified the light welterweight titles in May 2021 after defeating Jose Ramirez. For his first undisputed light-welterweight title defense, the Scottish boxer faced Jack Catterall. They exchanged blows for 12 rounds and Taylor won via a split decision.

This result left many fans outraged. Catterall clearly dominated the whole match. He also landed more punches in 11 out of 12 rounds. It was later regarded as the biggest robbery in British boxing and fans quickly demanded an immediate rematch.

Yesterday, Taylor and Catterall attended a boxing match between Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr. in Manchester, England. They sat at ringside, separated by only three seats with promoter Ben Shalom in the middle.

Catterall pretty much insulted Taylor with his controversial win, which led Taylor to stand up and was ready to square off. Catterall then stood up as well and was ready to brawl. Luckily, security guards responded quickly and insisted both of them sit back.

Taylor and Catterall are up to exchange blows in the squared circle for the second. Their highly-anticipated rematch was planned to be on March 4. However, just like their first bout, it will likely get postponed. Taylor recently announced that he has injured his foot and will not enter the ring if he is not 100% ready.

“We’ll fight when I’m ready to fight. I’ve got an injury, and that was it really.” Taylor said in a talk with SkySport.

He added,

“Injury happened through the week there on Monday, but I’ve been trying to pull through it and see if I could carry on training, but I couldn’t. I went to see the specialist, and it’s a pretty bad injury, so I can’t rush the recovery. I’ve just got to wait and see how long it takes to recover.”