UFC Vegas 59: Egger gets caught trying to Brazilian tap her way out of an armbar

UFC Vegas 59 featured one particularly damning situation. On a card loaded with finishes, MAyra Bueno Silva found herself in a state of surprise after Egger tapped to an armbar – but then took it back as soon as Silva released the submission.

Silva (9-2-1) had Egger struggling to survive and outgrappled early in round one. Once Silva released the sub, explaining to the ref that Egger tapped with her other arm Egger pretended that nothing had happened and acted surprised as to why the bout was stopped.

The ref was at a loss for what had transpired because her other arm was obscured from his view. Oddly, it was also beyond the scope of the ever present cameras in the UFC octagon.


But Egger wasn’t so lucky – a cageside judge informed the ref promptly that he had seen a tap despite the fact that the cameras missed it.

Silva was very emotional after the bout was finished and elaborated during the presser afterwards:
“I think a lot of children in Brazil— I learned about character. When she tapped, and then [played dumb], hopefully, my children watched this,” she told media. “I need them to know not to be di rty.”

Silva was visibly emotional and teared up talking about her family:
“I think of my children and my family. And then I cried,” said Silva, adding with a laugh
“I cry for everything. I more cry than smile.”

She admitted she was surprised by Egger: “God sees everything, and God is my judge.”