UFC 273: Malott tears up talking about his sister’s battle with illness after KO victory

Mike Malott just made his UFC debut a memorable one having rendered Mickey Gall into a meme. One of the more memorable pictures that have come out of the early matches at UFC 273.

Malott gave a heartwarming speech. After talking about his debut and what that meant to him, Malott mentioned that he’d be giving his show money ($10,000) to a kid that is currently battling cancer.

That kid is the daughter of one of Malott’s coaches. She is 15-years-old and suffers with Stage 3 Lymphoma.

Malott’s efforts haven’t been in vain. Over $15,000 has been donated in the 30 minutes following his call to action. After his stellar UFC debut, Malott cemented himself as one of the prospects for the welterweight division.

But Malott had a personal story to share too – he felt it was his duty to help due to the fact his sister also had to battle illness. Watch his story below: