Anderson Silva slams UFC, explains he made more in boxing than last 3 MMA bouts

For many athletes, Anderson Silva is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. Silva had a long reign in the UFC and had gone 34-11 in MMA.

Even UFC president Dana White ranks Silva in his top 3 of all time.

And yet this wasn’t enough for Silva to be treated right. He recently revealed:

“That’s the problem for the people in this sport, especially UFC because UFC doesn’t respect the legacy ” Silva told sportsnaut adding  “And when you’re out, they try to destroy your career”

The rationale Silva offers for the statement is that the UFC would most like the athletes to not go to other promotions.

“People don’t think about that. I had a good time in UFC, and bad times too. The bad time for me is the experience I have behind the scenes. ”

Silva went on to reveal he was better compensated for boxing Julio Cesar Chaves Jr. than in his last 3 bouts in MMA.

Anderson Silva netted

Silva’s last 3 bouts were against Adesanya (2019), Cannonier (2019) and Uriah Hall (2020).

Silva revealed. “I don’t like to talk about the bad, and people say, ‘Oh now you’re out of UFC and you talk bad sh*t about [them],’” he added. “It was good for me sometimes and it was good for UFC too. It’s done it’s over. But it’s important I say that, everything I say about the situation because this is what happened to me.”