UFC star becomes crime-stopping hero again days before latest submission victory

Kevin Holland, a welterweight in the UFC, stopped a criminal from stealing a perfume from a shop earlier during fight week. This made it his fourth act of bravery this year. Holland also defeated Tim Means by submission at UFC Austin.

Since the turn of the year, Holland has been recognized for his brave efforts against crime. He first chased down a vehicle thief in October and then assisted in disarming a shooter in Texas in March. Holland recently also assisted in rescuing a hapless motorist from an overturned tractor-trailer after an accident.

The 29-year-old has now detailed his most recent crime-prevention tale. He says that he is constantly in the wrong locations at the wrong times.

When questioned about his hero tales during the post-fight news conference, Holland said,

“I don’t know. I seem to be in the right places at the wrong time or the wrong places at the right time one or the other.”

“Honestly when I caught that guy I should have f****d him up but I didn’t. We were sat an Italian restaurant and while we were sitting outside, I went across and bought some jerk chicken but two minutes later some guy comes running out in a black trench coat. We were like ‘what’s going on’?”

“So we went chasing this guy down the street we were running after him and I shouted ‘I won’t f*** you up if you put that s*** down’.”

“By the time we got to the freeway and he put it down I was like ‘cool’ because I was as tired as hell. I am happy we stopped because if not we would have not won the race, but it was the first time I won a race against that man and I was happy about it.”

Holland’s manager released a video of the event earlier this week. The footage showed a bystander narrating the incident before Holland appeared after apprehending the thief.

Holland added in the video, “So we’re just sitting out here with nothing to do. We had got some water from a liquor and wine stop with (coach). Then we see some guy running down the street. That’s how we did it. That’s what we did today.”