Kevin Holland strikes again, rescues driver of an Eighteen wheeler

Kevin Holland might be struggling to find his footing in the octagon but he’s becoming a huge star outside of it. Holland has been enforcing the law outside of the ring all year.

It all started with a citizen’s arrest.

Holland was filmed on twitter apprehending a guy who was allegedly trying to jack somebody’s car. This lead Holland to first chase the perp in his dodge charger – and then jump out and grab him on foot.

Next up – Holland confronted not one but two internet trolls and delivered a fine lesson.

And ultimately he prevented an incident at a restaurant disarming the assailant.

Holland capped that off with another heroic act as of recent when he rescued a driver of an overturned 18 wheeler from the vehicle.

“When I was young, I wanted to be a superhero, so you got to be careful what you ask for.”