Trump says his political consultants don’t want him going after trans athletes

Donald Trump said his consultants advised him not to go after transgender athletes. However, the former US president chose to do the opposite.

Transgender athletes have become quite a heated topic these days. A lot of people in the US believe transgender women should not be allowed to compete in the women’s division. This is due to size and power advantage caused by higher testosterone levels they possess, making it unfair for women athletes.

Donald Trump also spoke about this matter during his recent speech on Tuesday. The 76-year-old discussed the inclusion of transgender athletes has caused a lot of problem in the US. Trump also called it “unfair” and “disrespectful to women” to allow trans people to compete in the women’s division.

“By the way, we should not allow men to play in women’s sports.” Trump said. This line was followed by huge applause from the audience. The reaction prompted him to pause for 20 seconds and smile. Trump went on to reveal that his consultants warned him not go against transgender peopel.

“So crazy. It just shows you what all of these political geniuses—I have all of these consultants, all these great, ‘Sir, don’t say that, it’s very controversial.” Trump added.

He then continued that his comments hadn’t been written down anywhere.

“I just said it, thought it might be a good time.” Trump said.

This wasn’t the only time Donald Trump discussed about transgender athletes. Back then, he said he was against allowing children access to puberty blockers, a treatment that prevents puberty from occurring.

He also said how ridiculous it is to allow transgender women to compete in women’s sports team. Trump compared it to asking LeBron James to play in a women’s basketball team. This comparison he made drew huge attention and went viral on Twitter.