Trump calls for removal of ‘trans’ athletes from women’s sports

Former US president Donald Trump is busy campaigning lately. Trump has been under attack due to the increased scrutiny thanks to the January 6th commission.

Many question if he’ll be challenged in the GOP primary by Florida governor Ron De Santis.

This past weekend, Donald Trump spoke at Anchorage in Alaska in support of Governor Mike Dunleavy, Kelly Tshibaka, candidate for US senate, and Sarah Palin, candidate for US Congress.

“We will also keep men out of women’s sports.”

“Right? The swimmer, a young swimmer, she wanted to break that record one sixteenth of a second she was going to do it. “

“And she looked over and she said hello to people that she’s grown up with. She said, if she’s a top top swimmer, she looks left and she sees him. Hi, hi. You know, they hate each other. But they’re, you know, they’re competing. “

“Hi. They hate her. She hates them. That’s the way life goes right? Then she looks over waves and then she sees this guy. “

“They say I mean, this is supposed to be technically correct him a person with a man’s body. Okay, it’s a man’s body. “

“So they see this person with a man’s body. And he’s a giant. He’s a big guy. So wingspan. So Mikey broke the record by 38 seconds. And she was injured by windburn as he went by her. “

Trump referenced Lia Thomas’ NCAA win as a reason he has that stance saying that a “person with a man’s body” competed and won the women’s competition comfortably.

And regardless how you feel about Thomas’ personal choices it’s very jarring that an athlete with male sex organs would be allowed to participate in a woman’s event. Especially considering how much of an advantage gonads can provide in this kind of an event.

Trump added, “It is actually demeaning to women, and it should not be allowed. People do not like to talk about it. People think it is politically incorrect, I don’t. Somebody has to do it.”

Former US president didn’t keep it to that either. He also commented on New Zealander Laurel Hubbard who had made it into the Tokyo Olympics.

“But the better is the weightlifter right? I don’t know if it’s 218 pounds, some large number of pounds. “

“And this woman was so strong and she was gonna lift it she was gonna lift that weight over who’s gonna break the record? “

“And they added like a quarter of an ounce here caught up she was gonna break the record. He got Chase up there.”

“she didn’t make it boom. This guy comes over right? Being Have you lifted before? No, not really. I mean, how crazy is this? This is the it’s actually demeaning to women and it shouldn’t be allowed. And a lot of people don’t talk about it.”


Donald Trump may have been exaggerating a bit in his speech but the fact of the matter is that trans participation in female sports is supported by only 3 in every 10 Americans.

Only about 3 in 10 Americans believe transgender women and girls should be allowed to participate in female sports, according to a new poll from the Washington Post-University of Maryland.

55% of Americans don’t believe transgender women and girls should be allowed to compete in high school sports.

60% of those surveyed were opposed to transgender women and girls’ participation in college and professional sports.

Last year we talked about how Transgender Law Center posted results from the most comprehensive set of polling and focus group research ever released to the public on the question of trans rights sometime in December.

The biggest finding in the 13 page report concerns Trans athletes. While most of the topics covered in the document feature actual numbers – the numbers are so bad for trans athletes in sports they’re not even included.

 Right now. Our opposition wins the debate on trans youth and sports against any and all arguments we have tried for our side, there is a huge gap in awareness and concern. With most base and persuadable respondents unaware of proposals regarding transgender girls participation in sports, while a strong majority of our opposition has heard some or a lot about it.