Brandon Moreno likely switching to team James Krause

Brandon Moreno made a huge decision on Friday, when he parted ways with his long-standing team, Entram gym.

Brandon Moreno was 13 years old when he joined a kids program at Entram Gym in Tijuana, Mexico. He fought professionally 27 times under the Entram Gym banner. During this stint he became the first Mexican native to win a championship in the UFC.

Entram Gym head coach Raul Arvizu told MMA Junkie:

“Brandon entered the gym just like any other kid, He was nothing special, nothing from another world.”

“He was just a good and normal kid. He was very charismatic and very lighthearted. He never asked me for anything. He always showed up and trained, never missed a day.”

The Former Champion has been spending a lot of time with fellow UFC fighter James Krause at his gym Glory MMA in Kansas City. There are rumors that Brandon will train under James Krause at Glory MMA & Fitness in Missouri. Nothing has been confirmed yet. He is likely looking for a place where he can continue growing as a fighter. Moreno was edged out by Figueiredo at UFC 263.

The pair has fought three consecutive times, the first fight ending in a draw, the second ending with Moreno submitting Figureido and third a controversial decision for Figueiredo . Both fighters say they are open to a fourth fight. The Brazilian changed camps ahead of third bout at UFC 270. He joined forces with Henry Cejudo and had a very good camp. Brandon Moreno is looking to do the same ahead of a potential fourth fight. Moreno wants to fight for the UFC Flyweight Championship again in spring.