‘Tommy Fury has to quit boxing if he loses to Jake Paul’ claims his father

Since 2021, Fury and Paul have been attempting to have a boxing bout . However, they have not been able to box one another due to various reasons.

First, Tommy’s rib ailment forced him to withdraw. Later in 2022, he had visa issues to visit the United States. This forced Paul to look for a new opponent.

Tommy Fury’s father said that if Tommy loses against Jake Paul, his son would retire from boxing.

Tommy’s father talked to talkSPORT and said:

“Absolutely, no shadow of a doubt. There is no more boxing for him if he loses. But, I am 100 per cent confident he will knock him out. It’s a big ask for Jake Paul, because Tommy is much better than what he’s faced before, so fair do’s to him.

John Fury said,

“If they don’t, it’s a doomed contest. But both boys want to fight, so I can’t see any issues. It’s a great venue they’ve got and the fans have been waiting a long time for this.”

The two agreed to have the boxing bout on February 25 in Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that there is still no official agreement.

In fact, their last encounter took place in the Middle East. Paul appeared in an altercation with Tommy Fury’s father during Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Deji’s performance.

John said, “It’s 99 per cent done. We have been in camp before Christmas so are ahead of schedule. ”

Paul faced former UFC champion Anderson Silva in October 2022 and won by unanimous decision. However, Tommy only competed in one official outing in April. He won the match on points against Daniel Bocianski.

Jake Paul has a professional boxing record of 6-0, including four knockout victories. He has also faced off against Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva.