Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: John Fury issues damning statement

Tyson Fury’s father John Fury recently clarified that he never attempted to book his son Tommy Fury against Youtube star Jake Paul. John is also likely narrowing the possibility of their match up.

Back in December of last year, youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul was supposed to take on Tommy Fury for his fifth professional boxing match. However, Tommy Fury pulled out from the fight and UFC veteran Tyron Woodley stepped in on short notice.

Many boxing fans were disappointed as Tommy Fury seems like an appropriate opponent for Jake Paul compared to Paul’s other opponent. Tommy Fury is undefeated with a total of 8 victories. His last match was in April against Polish boxer Daniel Bocianski.

Following the cancellation of Jake vs Tommy’s bout, rumors spread that both parties are in talk to reschedule the match. Fans also speculate that Tommy’s father John Fury is doing the negotiation. However, John recently denied the rumor.

In a short video he uploaded on his Instagram account recently, John Fury bashed Jake Paul and said he is not interested in working with him.

“It’s not true. I have nothing to do with this at all because it’s a pile of s**t. I don’t like anybody who is associated with those people over there. They’re nothing but a pack of t***ers, YouTubers, and I’m not interested in it one bit in any way, shape or form.” John said.
He added, “So, people, hear this. Don’t keep using my name saying I’m saying this or I’m saying that because it’s not true. I want nothing to do with this farce at all – not now, not ever. Have a pleasant evening.”

This statement is bad news for fans and Jake Paul himself. Jake included Tommy Fury on his ‘potential opponents’ list along with 5 other renowned athletes.

“So, he [Tommy] is terrible at promoting. And because of that, it’s just not good business. His brother [Tyson Fury] promotes the fight more than he does. His dad [John Fury] promotes the fight more than he does. So he really has to do something to make me interested in that fight again.” Jake said prior to the Tommy Fury vs Daniel Bocianski match.