Paddy Pimblett explains why he was banned from twitter – again

Paddy Pimblett just had a brilliant night at UFC London. The Liverpudlian ace delivered a second round submission over Jordan Leavitt. And in fact, the judges even scored round 1 for Pimblett despite Leavitt landing some takedowns.

Hours before the UFC London this Saturday, he was suspended from Twitter. Twitter removed the verified check on his account and minutes later, suspended the Liverpudlian’s account, yet again.

This was suspected to be the result of the Pimblett’s hilarious personality and a habit of talking back to trolls. He garnered more than a million followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands others on Twitter.

Pimblett went on to explain during the presser afterwards what transpired.

“What did they say, because my first account got suspended and they’ve only just realized that @theufcbaddy is me,” Pimblett said. “How? What spaceman runs your internet website? Elon Musk, buy twitter lad and let’s box this.”

Majority of social media platforms maintain that once a person is banned off the platform, any future account they make is also susceptible to the ban as owning multiple accounts is against terms of service.

Pimblett seems affable in the octagon however his twitter antics are decidedly less so. Screenshots betray a story of his first account being involved in a series of racially problematic tweets aimed towards Muhammad Mokaev and Ilia Topuria.


This is not the first time Pimblett has lost a social media account either. He was previously banned off of instagram. He took the ban to heart and even called out Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg after UFC London victory in March.

Pimblett posted a picture of himself accompanied by a child who was visibly suffering from the effects of his disease.  When one of the Instagram commenters decided to make fun of the kid, that did not sit well with the UFC star.

“He’s got a brain tumor, cancer. He’s got all sorts of things wrong with him and he’s three years old,” Pimblett said at the UFC London pre-fight press conference.

“He’s got no hair because of all the chemotherapy and some absolutely disgusting piece of sh*t commented something horrible about him.”

“I’ve got morals… I reported the comment and I got it with a notification back twenty minutes later, ‘This comment does not go against our community guidelines so we will not remove it’. ”

“then I called him a piece of s**t. I said ‘You dirty piece of s**t. You are a piece of vermin on my shoe’ and the next day my account was disabled.”

Sadly, not all of Pimblett’s Social Media interactions happen to be this wholesome.

In a now-deleted tweet from 2021, Paddy wrote:

The comment is a clear nod to the Russo-Georgian War that happened in 2008. Much like today’s Ukraine, Georgia was in an armed conflict with Russia, which resulted in thousands of Georgian lives lost.