Chris Pratt backtracks Adesanya criticism after Adesanya talks back

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya responded to Chris Pratt’s criticism following his performance last weekend. The famous actor ended up apologizing for his comments.

Israel Adesanya headlined UFC 276 on July 2 with Jared Cannonier to defend his middleweight belt. ‘The Last Stylebender’ earned yet another decision victory after clashing for five rounds, marking his fifth title defense. However, Adesanya had failed to entertain UFC fans.

The 32-year-old used a measured strategic style that seemed very lackluster and has been doing this for his last three fights. His last three fights have been regarded as ‘snoozefest’ by many fans and fellow professional athletes. To the point that several fans can be seen walking out of the T-Mobile Arena while the fight still goes on.

Popular actor Chris Pratt who is a big fan of MMA himself also weighed in on the situation. The 43-year-old Minnesota born is one of the people who felt disappointed by Adesanya’s performance. During a post-fight broadcast of ESPN, Pratt criticized Adesanya and told him to be more violent in the octagon.

““Look, I’m going to say this as humbly as I can as a guy who has never stepped into the Octagon,” Pratt said.

“I don’t know this game, I’m just an actor, man. But, I’m not a fan of coming out with all that talk and then putting on a little bit of pitter patter.”

“I’m like ‘Come on, man! Cash on that!’ You gotta cash that promise of being so bad *ss. And I dunno. If I bet with my money, I would have bet Adesanya’d do something like that. But I was hoping to see Cannonier make it.” Pratt concluded.

Pratt’s critique went viral and reached Adesanya. The longtime champion dismissed the critique and took to his Twitter account to hit Pratt back. He didn’t mention Pratt at all, but instead he used one scene from 2008’ Wanted where Pratt was smacked with a keyboard.

“Good morning. I’m the man. You’re just some fan.” Adesanya wrote.

Chris Pratt then replied to the tweet to backtrack his criticism and apologize to Adesanya.

“You’re right. I’m sorry brutha. It bugs me when people criticize my work- having never themselves risked anything. It makes me a hypocrite to do exactly that to you. My bad. Keep on keeping on champ.” Pratt wrote.