Martyn Ford frustrated after “giving up six months of his life” for Iranian Hulk only for the match to fall through

Martyn Ford aka ‘World’s Scariest Man’ is clearly frustrated following the cancellation of his boxing debut against Iranian Hulk. Both Ford and Sajad Gharibi (Iranian Hulk’s actual name) have been pointing fingers at the other and blaming for bout cancellation.

The bodybuilder/actor worked hard for the past few months only to be left with questions. Sadly, his bout against Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi is canceled. The promotion Boxstar only said that the cancellation was due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

Martyn Ford was talking about the cancellation of his boxing debut with Mirror. The 39-year-old expressed his disappointment and frustration after months of hard work.

“I’ve given six months of my life and feel extremely frustrated to be in this position,” Ford told Mirror.

Martyn Ford suggested his rival Sajad Gharibi is the reason for the sudden cancellation of their bout.

“But unfortunately my fight will not be one of them due to reasons out of my control. It doesn’t take a genius to figure them all out, I don’t want to talk about it, too much time and energy has been wasted. I am still here and I am still training hard, but there will be a debut and there will be a fight. I am just not 100 percent sure who or when and why?” Ford said.

Gharibi also posted a video on Persian. In it he explains:

“I trained for months at sub-zero temperatures and lost weight, to be ready for the race.”

“The match is not cancelled by me. The Boxstar organisation will soon replace Ford in front of me. Very embarrassing and embarrassing the English opponent does not fight with me, not with any fighter because he is never a fighter. We will definitely complain that under the contract, fighter will not have the right to cancel the fight. The struggle is still with me.”

He also added further comment in English, writing below: “Today I heard Ford doesn’t want to fight, not me nor any other fighters. I never cancelled any fight but he didn’t want to see me again! it’s against the contract and my legal team started.”

Leading up to their boxing event, Sajad Gharibi had been quite problematic. He disappointed many fans as he appeared to be way smaller compared to his pictures on social media. He also said that he has no coach for his fight against Ford.

Even though he is frustrated, Ford doesn’t let it stop him from training. He keeps on training and is positive that a better opponent is waiting for him just ahead.

“What to do when feeling FRUSTRATED: turn up the music, train even harder, set BIGGER goals and learn to treat every experience as a lesson.” Ford posted on Instagram.

The match against Gharibi is likely to never happen. Gharibi is pointing a finger at Ford with his latest posting having said:

Gharibi shared a video of himself – and his physique as a reply implying that he basically won the match considering that Ford had cancelled their play date.

“Today i heard ford dont want fight not me not any other fighters i never cancelled any fight but he dont want see me again ! its against the contract and my legal team started. actually pretty boy cant never fight, who just hide and run away he must have a permission from women first i cant believe opponent like him its shameful this victory isn’t honor for me its a century joke not century fight.”