Male MMA Star Manhandled UFC’s Yan Xionan in training, Stands Firm on Equal Rights Drawing Controversy

In a recent interview, LFA star Aupuni Pagaoa sparked controversy when he revealed that he manhandled his training partner, Yan Xionan, in a series of intense sparring sessions. The incident has sparked debate about the limits of acceptable behavior in intergender sparring, and Pagaoa’s justification for his actions has left many questioning his approach.

According to Pagaoa, his frustration stemmed from Xionan’s use of oblique kicks during their sparring session. “I’m like, she wasn’t just touching it, she was really trying to kick it,” Pagaoa stated. He recounts how he warned Xionan twice, putting his hands up in a gesture of frustration, before finally grabbing her and throwing her to the ground.

“I just grabbed her, I threw her on the ground, and I just started growling… I was so mad,” Pagaoa admitted, explaining that his outburst was motivated by concern for his own safety. “I’m like, bro, what are you doing? If you blow out my freaking knee, I’m gonna kill you.”

Pagaoa’s justification for his actions hinges on the concept of equal rights. He believes that, as a human being, he deserves respect and consideration from his training partners. “I really believe in equal rights,” Pagaoa emphasized, suggesting that his actions were a form of self-defense against Xionan’s perceived disregard for his well-being.

While Pagaoa’s commitment to equality is admirable, his methods have raised eyebrows among martial arts enthusiasts. Critics argue that his aggressive behavior undermines the principles of respect and discipline that are cornerstones of martial arts training.

In related news, Xionan recently made headlines for her impressive performance at UFC 300, where she faced off against Weili Zhang in the co-headlining event. Xionan’s skills on display that night have sparked speculation about a potential rematch between the two.

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