(Video) MMA Freak Show Features Mismatch Intergender Bout

The Russian MMA promotion Epic Fighting Championship features some intergender fights that raise people’s eyebrows. One of them is a fight between a male and a female fighter with extremely different body weights.

The male fighter is a heavyweight Grigory Chistyakov with his massive body and the female is a strawweight Aleksandra Stepakova. Grigory has no professional experience in mixed martial arts while Aleksandra has gone 0-1.

Aleksandra took advantage of his lean body and played it safe by delivering punches and kicks from the distance. She kept her distance during the fight and tried to avoid a grab from Grigory.

As for Grigory, his only weapon is his grappling but it was hard to catch the agile female strawweight. Early in the first round, Grigory managed to grab Aleksandra and pushed her to the corner. She pinned her in place until the referee separated the two.

The two went on until the time ran out and the winner was decided via decision and the giant Grigory Chistyakov was announced as the winner.

The event planner for EFC definitely knows how to make ridiculous stuff. Another intergender fight from this promotion is a fight between a russian p*rn star Alexander Pistoletov and female model Sasha Mamaha.

This one fight was a bit more entertaining than the first one. The two have similar body sizes and the fight would seem normal. However, Mamaha’s friend jumped inside the arena and tried to attack Pistoletov. Mamaha was already submitted in the third round but Mamaha’s team demanded another round due to that incident.


After a brief discussion, they decided to extend the fight to the fourth round and Mamaha won the fight via decision.