(Video) Stunt promotion matches 3 women against obese man

Mixed martial arts  has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and with its growth, there has been a rise of unique subgenres, such as pop-MMA.

Pop-MMA is a comedic take on MMA matches that originated in Eastern Europe in 2019, and it has been gaining more and more traction in recent times.

Pop-MMA matches aim to attract as many audiences as possible, not necessarily through technical prowess or intense scraps, but through their novelty and absurdity. In pop-MMA matches, contestants compete in unpredictable scenarios, such as inside a phone booth, a car, or a medieval clash. However, some pop-MMA matches are serious enough, such as competing inside a car or on a bus.

One such pop-MMA match recently went viral, and it featured an intergender match between a big man and three women.

The competitors had little to no experience in martial arts, and the women were known for their social media modeling. The audience didn’t expect a technical battle, but rather an odd experience, and they were not disappointed.

During the match, the three women were pretty active and attacked the man one-by-one, landing a few strikes before retreating.

The big man, on the other hand, moved slowly due to his size. The match took a hilarious turn when one of the women pulled down the man’s shorts, exposing him to the audience. The action continued, and the man received a few hard punches to his face, leaving some bruises around his eyes. In the end, the three women won via a decision.

Pop-MMA is not for everyone, and some might find it offensive or distasteful. Still, it provides a unique and entertaining experience for those who enjoy such things. Pop-MMA is not meant to replace traditional MMA, but rather to coexist as a fun and ridiculous alternative.

The rise of pop-MMA shows how the MMA genre continues to evolve and expand, catering to a broader audience and pushing the boundaries of what is considered “normal” in sports entertainment.