Laura Sanko Through the years

Laura Marcusse was born on December 7, 1982, in Chicago, Illinois. She completed her education at William Jewell College in Missouri.

Laura Sanko with her brother

Laura with her mother

Sanko is a former MMA combatant with a 1-0 record who competed in the atomweight division before beginning her broadcasting career. She competed against Cassie Robb in January 2013 at Invicta FC 4. Sanko ended up winning the match via submission (rear-naked choke) in the second round.

Sanko briefly stopped competing for personal reasons. She then joined Invicta FC as a broadcaster after quitting active competition. This is where she demonstrated her skills at breaking down bouts and offering intelligent analysis.

Laura with UFC president Dana White

When she joined the UFC in 2016, the organization was impressed by her talent and professionalism.

Laura Sanko, a trailblazer in the world of MMA broadcasting, has achieved a historic milestone as the first female color commentator in modern UFC history. Her remarkable journey began with her role as a color commentator on Dana White’s Contender Series, where she showcased her exceptional skills and profound knowledge of the sport.

Establishing herself as a valuable asset to the UFC’s pre- and post shows over the years, Sanko has now been granted the opportunity to call the action during an official UFC FN. This achievement solidifies her position as an integral part of the organization’s broadcasting team.

Laura Sanko hosting ‘Dana White’s Contender Series’ with Michael Bisping and Dan Hellie

Beyond her commentary work, Laura Sanko has also demonstrated her talent as a commentator for the Road to UFC tournament alongside John Gooden. With her extensive experience and expertise in mixed martial arts, she brings a wealth of insights and analysis to the UFC’s broadcasting team.

Laura Sanko has shown her abilities as a commentator for the Road to UFC competition with John Gooden in addition to her commentary job. She is an excellent addition to the UFC broadcasting team due to her depth of experience and knowledge in mixed martial arts.

Laura Sanko with John Gooden

Despite her accomplishments, Laura Sanko has faced numerous challenges and baseless rumors throughout her journey to the commentary booth. In a recent media scrum, she courageously addressed these absurd claims and shed light on the obstacles women encounter in the industry.

Sanko revealed that women often have to contend with unfair and groundless comments regarding how they obtained their positions, suggesting that their achievements are somehow less valid compared to their male counterparts.

During an interaction with the media, the former mixed martial artist expressed her gratitude for the warm reception she has received, but also acknowledged the existence of detractors. She stated, “I think women, in particular, get commented on in a particular way… On the way up, there is a lot of questioning… The number of people I’ve supposedly slept with is just endless.”

Sanko further emphasized that these claims are entirely false and exhausting, and she highlighted the discrepancy in how well-respected male voices in the sport are treated. She hopes that by paving the way as the first female UFC commentator, she can inspire positive change and alleviate some of the challenges faced by women in the industry.

Laura Sanko married her husband, entrepreneur Nathan Sanko in 2012. The couple has a son together named Burke.

Laura with her husband, Nathan Sanko

Laura Sanko with his son

Laura’s husband Nathan with their son

Former friend accused Sanko of having an affair with disgraced MMA coach James Krause.



What did Megan Anderson say about Laura Sanko and James Krause?

It didn’t end there either. Anderson posted the following on twitter:

Anderson said that throughout the seven-month training camp preceding the bout with Nunes, she only had one 30-minute pad session every week. She said that interim flyweight champion Brandon Moreno was given greater attention. The staff even flew with him when he was summoned to participate in Spanish-language UFC broadcasts.

Anderson made references to claims against Krause and his staff as well as a possible intimate involvement between Krause and UFC commentator Laura Sanko.

Laura Sanko and Megan Anderson were close friends who co-hosted an MMA podcast. However, given that they cancelled the show in 2019, it seems that things between the two have become worse.