Kron Gracie is salty about Gilbert Burns’ acclaim – accuses Burns of doping

Kron Gracie is the most promising progeny of the Gracie family nowadays. Son of Rickson Gracie is one of the only actual Gracies keeping the legacy alive. The other notable Gracies, Neiman and Roger are not actual Gracies. Neiman is the son of Márcio Stambowsky and Carla Gracie while former ONE FC champ, Roger is the son of Reila Gracie (daughter of Carlos Gracie) and Mauricio Motta Gomes.

Gracie made his way into the UFC after a long stint in Rizin back in 2019. While he was victorious during his debut – he struggled against seasoned veteran Cub Swanson just 6 months later (in October of 2019) and has been absent from the world of MMA since.

The only living son of Rickson Gracie has been having a personal crisis of some sort long before the pandemic. Despite a promising MMA career he opted to close his longtime academy and relocate to Montana when the Pandemic shut down the world. He’s been somewhat of a recluse ever since, with his semi-estranged father noting that he doubts Gracie will have a UFC bout again during his book tour.

But Kron has been watching from the shadows it seems. Celebrated jiu jitsu phenom took umbrage with the world of positive attention Gilbert Burns attracted for his epic clash against Khamzat Chimaev this past weekend.

This prompted Gracie to share a snap of two on a jiu jitsu podium and add in a doping accusation to boot.

The picture shows an old podium with Kron Gracie coming in at number 1 – Gilbert Burns coming in at number 2 and the man who shared the pictures coming in 3rd.

“He been juicing for a long time” – Gracie captioned the picture. One thing to note is that Gracie competes at featherweight whereas Burns switched from lightweight to welterweight and has been on a tear since.

While it’s easy to assume Burns as guilty it should be noted that Burns’ physique hasn’t diminished under USADA. And of course Burns still competes in jiu jitsu when his busy MMA schedule permits it. Something Kron Gracie has no interest in, by most accounts.


Considering how rampant doping is in jiu jitsu, Burns appears to be doing just fine in his appearances on the submission only circle.

In his last 5 appearances in BJJ events, Burns is 2-3 having defeated former Bellator middleweight champion Rafale Lovato and Marcelo Azevedo and lost to bjj specialist Craig Jones, Tommy Langaker and Lucas Hulk Barbosa.