(Video) Never forget when Eddie Hall lifted 1100lbs (500kg)

A video of Eddie Hall achieving an astonishing feat of strength has been making the rounds on social media again. The clip shows the former World’s Strongest Man lifting an incredible 500kg (1,102 lbs) in a deadlift – setting a new world record at the time.

Eddie Hall is a legendary figure in the world of strongman competitions, known for his massive size and superhuman abilities. At the peak of his career in 2017, he won the prestigious World’s Strongest Man title. However, one of his most memorable accomplishments came a year earlier in 2016.

It was at the World Deadlift Championships where Hall etch his name into the history books. With sweat pouring down his face and veins bulging, he summoned every ounce of his incredible power to hoist the colossal 500kg weight off the ground. The crowd watched in awe as this mountain of a man defied the limits of human strength.

Hall’s 500kg deadlift shattered the previous world record of 460kg (1,014 lbs) set by Benedikt Magnusson. Though his record would later be surpassed by just 1kg in 2020 by rival Thor Bjornsson, Eddie Hall’s lift remains one of the greatest displays of raw strength ever witnessed.

After his strongman glory days, the Englishman transitioned into boxing and is pursuing an MMA matches. He recently went viral again for recording a staggering score of over 200,000 on a punching machine – believed to be higher than feared UFC knockout artist Alex Pereira.

Eddie Hall must tattoo Hafthor Bjornsson’s name after boxing loss, as per their contract

While Eddie may no longer compete in strongman events, videos of his past otherworldly accomplishments like the 500kg deadlift will never be forgotten. It serves as a reminder of the amazing physical capabilities humans can achieve through intense training and unbreakable willpower.

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