Usman reacts to Sean O’Malley wanting to box, conveniently forgetting about the time he called out Canelo

In a recent podcast, UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman took aim at Sean O’Malley’s ambition to venture into the world of boxing, specifically targeting a bout against Ryan Garcia. However, Usman was quick to point out O’Malley’s selective memory, conveniently forgetting his own call-out of Canelo Alvarez in the past.

For those who may recall, in April 2022, Usman engaged in a war of words with Canelo Alvarez’s manager, sparking a heated exchange between the two. It seems that O’Malley has overlooked this episode in his quest for a boxing bout.

Usman expressed his frustration with O’Malley’s focus on pursuing a boxing match, instead of concentrating on solidifying his position within the competitive UFC bantamweight division. “Why are we even entertaining this right now? Sean O’Malley has a whole, like literally one of the deepest divisions to even get through. You have one of the deepest divisions of contenders waiting for you,” Usman stated.

The UFC champion emphasized the importance of O’Malley focusing on his own backyard before venturing into new territories. “Why are we entertaining you going here and there and there to fight this guy? How about we beat up a couple of guys in my division first and cement myself as a great in my division. Cement myself first before I’m even entertaining these gimmick fights,” Usman said.

Usman’s remarks serve as a reminder that O’Malley still has unfinished business within the UFC. With a stacked bantamweight division boasting talents like Merab Dvalishvili, Petr Yan, and Cory Sandhagen, it’s surprising that O’Malley is fixated on a boxing match.

It’s worth noting that O’Malley’s aspirations for a boxing bout come with a hefty price tag. A potential fight against Ryan Garcia could see O’Malley commanding a significant purse, reportedly in the millions of dollars. However, Usman’s point remains: shouldn’t O’Malley focus on establishing himself as a dominant force within his own division before pursuing lucrative opportunities elsewhere?

As the UFC bantamweight division continues to evolve, it’s essential for fighters like O’Malley to prioritize their place within the organization. By doing so, they can cement their legacies and create a lasting impact on the sport.