Jon Jones calls out Adesanya for painted fingernails and lame lines

Jon Jones has had a conflict with Israel Adesanya brewing for ages. The conflict stems from the time Adesanya wanted to challenge Jones for the light heavyweight title and escalated when Jones made comments about his grappling.

During social media Q/A session, he was asked by a fan about him fighting the current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

“It’s been a really long time since I fought someone was such a low level of grappling. He would’ve got ground and pounded to death”

Since then Adesanya repeatedly made comments and crude jokes about his domestic violence incident.

Stylebender and his freshly painted nails and toes made an appearance on the Flagrant 2 with Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh and there he got to roast Jones with the help of two professional comedians. During the very first minute of the podcast the 3 engage on the following exchange:

“I’ve noticed that you’ve been painting your nails, you’ve been painting your toenails – is this because you’re trying to trick Jon Jones into fighting you?”

Stylebender replied: “Oh man, that’s funny. Um no this is just – you know – I mean it’s rude if you’re gonna keep kicks on in the face you gotta, you know, because my toenails make me look like Bach”

So naturally Jones saw it fit to comment on Adesanya’s performance at UFC 276.

“Bro I can’t stop thinking about this s**t. How are you going to threaten a guy like Alex with glossy fingernails and a frozen reference. I’m over here scratching my head. 😆😩”

What Jones is referencing here is quite literal. Adesanya has been open about his nail painting.

Many male fighters enter the cage with their nails properly polished and painted. Not that having painted nails makes them “less of a man”, it’s just not what you expected to see from the average MMA fighter.

One of the fighters that frequently has fans speculating about his sexuality is Israel Adesanya – and much of it is thanks to his style. Adesanya had everything from the pink hair to the picture perfect nails.

Fighters like Israel Adesanya, Yoel Romero, Chris Leben, Ramsay Nijen, Jeff Monson, Chuck Lidda, Ian Mccall, and Andrei Arlovski have all fought with painted nails before.

However, in spite of what you might think – this isn’t really an attempt to be fashionable – there’s a reason why fighters paint their nails. The paint also works as a protective layer preventing the nails from cracking or splitting up. Which is a huge thing when there’s 50% of your paycheck on the line.

And as for the ‘Frozen’ line – it’s certainly one of the cringiest things Adesanya has said over the years.

“Trust me, he knows I put him on skates last time. And this time when I put you on skates, Imma leave you frozen like Elsa,” said Adesanya as he sent a warning to kickboxing foe Alex Pereira pre UFC 276.

And Adesanya even went so far as to repeat the same line during the post fight in cage interview.

Regardless of how you feel about Jon Jones – he’s not wrong about certain things. It will be hard for Adesanya to promote himself against the macho giant Alex Pereira considering how their kick boxing matchups ended and in light of how lack luster his performance was at UFC 276.