Jon Jones: Adesanya ‘Would’ve Got Ground And Pounded To Death’ If We Fought

Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya have been dissing each other even before Adesanya failed to secure the Light heavyweight title at UFC 259 in March 2021.

Everyone knows that Jon Jones is one of the best fighters the UFC has ever had. When it comes to fights, he is a total monster. His record of 26-1-1 speaks of his supremacy in MMA. He is one of the only two fighters to have defeated Daniel Cormier. He became the youngest fighter to win UFC gold and has the most wins in the light heavyweight division. His only loss came by way of disqualification against Matt Hamill.

But besides his fighting career – he has been arrested quite a few times.

Currently Jones appears to be angling to return to the cage in 2022.

“If God allows it, I’m going to set this bar so high that no man will ever touch it,” Jones said. “At least not in my lifetime.”

During social media Q/A session, he was asked by a fan about him fighting the current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya

“It’s been a really long time since I fought someone was such a low level of grappling. He would’ve got ground and pounded to death”

Jones appears to be particularly salty – considering the UFC has placed Adesanya above him in the pound-for-pound rankings in the UFC. Of course this is more of a “slap on the wrist” considering the gravity of the legal troubles he’s encountered earlier this year. 

Adesanya trolled Jones having reacted to his recent arrest :
“I’m sure y’all will give him “one more chance” lol. I swear I said he’s gonna fuck up again, he can’t help it. Now here we are. I’ve made mistakes in my time, I learn from them. I don’t think this is the first time this has happened in his house. But yea…posi vibez goiz”

Jon Jones has spent most of his prime out of the cage because of his engagement in controversies. He has been involved in doping violations and arrested on charges. When a fan expressed his opinion on Jones wasting his prime time, Jones disagrees with the claim and said:
“Nothing is a guarantee, my guy,” Jones said. “Even with years of inactivity, I’ve been able to achieve some pretty outstanding records that are still holding to this day. And the story is far from over, I got a lot more winning to do.”

Even if the pair agrees to fight each other in the future, it’s unclear if the UFC will agree to pay a premium to facilitate the matchup. They were reluctant to pay for Ngannou vs Jones before the legal issues, after all.

Currently, Jones relocated to Henry Cejudo training camp and is planning to make his debut in the heavyweight division.