Adesanya & Andrew Schulz Roast Jon Jones: Real Reason Adesanya Painted Nails

Adesanya has been on a media tour following his 5th title defense this past weekend in Houston, Texas. UFC 270 was one for the books with Adesanya going the distance against Rob Whittaker in a convincing victory.

But what’s been more interesting to observe is Adesanya’s determination to get under Jon Jones’ skin. Prior to his media appearances Adesanya had made the following joke on his social media:


But Stylebender and his freshly painted nails and toes didn’t stop there. He recently made an appearance on the Flagrant 2 with Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh and there he got to roast Jones with the help of two professional comedians. During the very first minute of the podcast the 3 engage on the following exchange:

“I’ve noticed that you’ve been painting your nails, you’ve been painting your toenails – is this because you’re trying to trick Jon Jones into fighting you?”

Stylebender replied: “Oh man, that’s funny. Um no this is just – you know – I mean it’s rude if you’re gonna keep kicks on in the face you gotta, you know, because my toenails make me look like Bach”

Why does Israel Adesanya Paint His Nails Before A Fight?

One of the fighters that frequently has fans speculating about his sexuality is Israel Adesanya – and much of it is thanks to his style. Adesanya had everything from the pink hair to the picture perfect nails.

There’s a reason why fighters paint their nails. The paint also works as a protective layer preventing the nails from cracking or splitting up. Which is a huge thing when there’s 50% of your paycheck on the line.