Jake Paul offers Michael Bisping $1million to box as long as he can pass a medical

Jake Paul has offered former UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping 1 million dollars to box him. Tha main caveat is – Bisping has to pass a medical and get licensed. This might be a giant issue considering Bisping has only one eye and had undergone a knee replacement.

Jake Paul is on track to have another boxing outing in August of this year. ‘The Problem Child’ is now in process of choosing an opponent. When asked about potential opponents, Jake listed 6 athletes from rugby, boxing and MMA. He named Floyd Mayweather (45), Oscar De La Hoya (49), Anderson Silva (47), Michael Bisping (43), Tommy Fury (22), Sonny Williams (36).

Right now, Bisping might be the front runner. Sonny Williams is the outlier – he comes from rugby and had made his boxing debut recently.


The former UFC middleweight champion was the first to show interest in boxing Paul.

Tyson Fury’s younger brother Tommy is currently prepping to box on the undercard of Fury Whyte.

Bisping took to his Twitter account to call out Jake Paul after he read that his name is on Jake Paul’s list.

“Come on [Jake Paul] you do know I’m about your size? Surely that excludes me from your ‘hit list’.” Bisping wrote.

Jake Paul replied to the tweet and was confident that he would knock Bisping out. He offered Bisping a million plus PPV points. Paul is aware that people frown upon him picking on retired MMA athletes but he’s still unwilling to give up the grift – especially considering how Tommy Fury clash fell through.

“I would knock you out worse than Hendo. You’re an easy fight. But show me you can get licensed and I will show you $1M plus PPV. (using this emoji because Bisping can’t use it lololololol).” Jake Paul wrote.

Michael Bisping retired in 2017 after losing two. He won the UFC middleweight championship in 2016 and defended it one time. Later on, Georges St-Pierre snatched the belt in one of classic UFC bouts. The UFC had initially planned for St-Pierre Woodley, however Woodley had angered White with a nonperformance and UFC tagged Bisping as a replacement. Bisping was getting the best of St-Pierre until round 4 at which point GSP hit a stride and managed to snatch Bisping’s back and put him to sleep.

As for Jake Paul, his last boxing match was in December 2021. Jake knocked out Woodley in the 6th round and marked the fifth victory in his professional boxing career.