Commentator off the rails: Insults ring girls, tells a story about knocking out the wife of a man he ran over with his car

Boxing commentator Bob Sheridan has gone off the rails. This past weekend he had the pleasure of commentating a boxing card headlined by Eduardo ‘Sugar’ Nunez who defeated Adrian Pacheco.

But Sheridan was far more controversial. During his duties on the mic Sheridan made a number of problematic comments including calling the ring girls ‘bimobs’ as they waited for the match to start inside of a ring.

“Alright, we like the bimbos. Is that politically correct to say bimbo? Sorry ladies, you two fine young ladies.”

“God bless you; sorry for the insult, but I come from the old days when you can actually say some things are funny. No-one would get their red neck up when you say stuff like that in those days. I wish you’d been there Paulie.”

Sheridan was addressing his co-commentator Paulie Malignaggi (former boxing world champion). Malignaggi responded by changing the subject: “No, We’re waiting for the official decision here, I don’t think anyone watching really cared about the decision, think they enjoyed the contest.”

Sheridan, 77, is a longtime American boxing and MMA commentator. He has over 10,000 bouts under his belt. Sheridan has an interesting old school story of how he became a commentator, having actually paid for air time on local radio while working as a gym teacher and getting the invite to start commentating later in the same year.

He’s in the World Boxing Hall of Fame. And this might not have been the worst from Bob, while on air he also relayed a story about knocking out a wife of a man who he hit with a car.

“I had a fight in Boston one day and I got a black eye,” Sheridan said in between rounds of an undercard bout. “I hit a guy with my car and his wife comes around and throws her purse at me. I didn’t even think I turned around and knocked her out.

“I’m not proud of that I knocked out her teeth, I have since been reborn and a born-again Christian and have an office in the Vatican.”