Iranian Hulk measures bicep in an attempt to dissuade haters

Iranian Hulk has reached the end of his rope. The viral sensation is getting hit from all directions with accusations that he’s been photoshopping his physique as far back as 2015.

Hulk’s born name is Sajad Gharibi and there’s a lot at stake for him. Following a scuffle at a face off with bodybuilder/actor Martyn Ford he shared his parents have disowned him.

But his troubles don’t end there. Iranian sensation alleges he weighed in at 390 lbs at his peak – and he’s currently way under that mark.

In an attempt to show that his physique isn’t a byproduct of Adobe expertise, Gharibi got out some measuring tape and went on to measure his biceps while on camera.

Gharibi shared on social media that his biceps measures to be a bumper 30cm. He subsequently flexed for the camera.

30 year old Gharibi is looking at an April 30th boxing date with Ford following a postponement due to injury. At his new weight – which is reportedly over 30 lbs less, Gharibi believes his endurance and stamina will help defeat Ford.

 “My stamina and heart rate have both improved and I am ready to do the rounds. I am just going to stick to what I am doing and focus on that. This is going to be a very difficult night for Martyn. I believe that Martyn has a very weak chin coupled with the fact I have a very strong punch and I believe I am going to knock him out.”

“Believe me I trust in my power and I trust in my strength, what happened yesterday in the press conference wasn’t what I expected. I had a lot of respect walking up to him but he better be ready for my power and my punch. I think in the first round I don’t think it will go past that. First round knockout.”

Gharibi is 6″2 compared to Ford’s massive 6″8′ frame. The two are now in a fierce back and forth with Ford shading Hulk’s physique and claiming he will destroy him.
“This is my dream to be in this fight and know this, what happened yesterday will not happen in the fight,” He continued. “I have been training vigorously for this day, I have brought down my weight and put everything on the line to make this happen. Know this, I am putting everything behind me. I will do whatever it takes to make this fight.”