Martyn Ford shades Iranian hulk for catfishing

The 39-year-old bodybuilder/actor Martyn Ford has been preparing for his London O2 arena showdown. Ford is booked to box the man commonly referred to as Iranian Hulk. Iranian hulk’s given name is Sajid Gharibi.

Gharibi has been a fixture on social media thanks to his impressive physique since 2015. His catfishing skills pre date the rise and development of many modern filters – this is why plenty of fans believed Gharibi would be an ideal opponent for Ford. The two were previously rumored to have been matched up in Polish promotion KSW – but that rumor has since been debunked.

Ford showcases his massive stature regularly on his social media. He is 6’8″ tall (203cm) and weighs in at 140kg/315lbs. Ford has been busy promoting the fight ever since the two had a charged face off that even escalated to a physical exchange.

And the face off was followed by another blow out – this time at a media conference.


When all was said and done, Ford went his way to start the final phase of fight camp. He is also playing a big role in promoting the fight. Martyn Ford went on social media to joust with his opponent – who has been outed as a catfish thanks to the fact he showed up for the Boxstar

Gharibi got famous on social media by posting photos of his unique physique. After appearing in public, for the promotion of the fight it became apparent ‘Hulk’ was embellishing his physique. Gharibi looked a lot smaller and less in “shape” than his Instagram pictures depicted him.

In the post, Ford hinted at the fact that the “Iranian Hulk” is allegedly photoshopping his gains.

On his Instagram, ford wrote:

“From my end, there is no smoke, no mirrors, no pretending” The British bodybuilder then continued, “here it is, my current weight, sitting pretty at 140kg, feeling very fit, powerful, healthy, and explosive.”

“I can promise you fireworks come fight night that’s for sure.”


The bout will take place on Saturday, April 2nd in London.